Zack Moss Parents: Meet Anthony Moss and Cassandra Moss

Zack Moss entered the world on December 15th, 1997. Although most people just call him Zack, his full name is actually Zack Moss. His birthplace is Hialeah Gardens, which is located in the state of Florida in the United States. As in the year 2022, he will be approximately 24 years old.

His educational background includes having attended Hallandale High School as well as the University of Utah. His nationality is that of the United States.

Zack Moss had a very large family to grow up in. He revealed that his parents and siblings were his most devoted supporters, and they frequently attended his games to cheer him on.

On 15th of December 1997 was the day he was born. As of this year (2022), he is approximately 24 years old.

Zack Moss

Zack Moss Parents

Zack Moss’s Parents and His Ethnic Background: Zack Moss is a player who participates in American football. As a running back, he contributes to the success of the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League. In the NFL draft held in 2020, the Buffalo Bills chose him with the 86th overall pick in round 3 of the draft.

Zack Moss was born to Anthony Moss, who is the Father, and Cassandra Moss, who is the Mother. He has a sister by the name of Tyra Moss, and she wants to be a model someday. Colby Moss, his brother, is also a football player and played for the Georgetown football team. He has a brother named Colby Moss.

He has a second brother who also went to medical school and found job in the healthcare industry once he graduated.