Zack Moss Siblings: Who Is Zack Moss Sister, Tyra Moss?

In the beginning of the 2020 season, Zack Moss became a “rookie running back” for the Buffalo Bills. Following his career game against the Patriots, which included a total of “81 running yards and two rushing touchdowns,” NFL Research was interested by his performance. Zack was singled out for praise, and they noted that only three other first-year players had ever accomplished what he had done.

Zack Moss was the youngest child of his parents, Anthony and Cassandra, and grew up in a large family. He revealed that his parents and siblings were his most devoted supporters, and they frequently attended his games to cheer him on.

Zack Moss and Jesse Santos were holed up together in their apartment throughout the epidemic that occurred in the year 2020. The couple has been dating since 2018, and on October 18, 2020, they will be celebrating their two-year dating anniversary. To mark the occasion, Zack posted a commemorative message on his Instagram account.


He has a sister by the name of Tyra Moss, and she wants to be a model someday. Colby Moss, his brother, is also a football player and played for the Georgetown football team. He has a brother named Colby Moss.

tyra moss

He has a second brother who also went to medical school and found job in the healthcare industry once he graduated.

His younger sister Tyra Moss, who is two years younger than he is, has an aspiration to become a model and has 7.3 thousand followers on her Instagram account.
Additionally, she is a make-up artist. Her Instagram handle is provided below; click on the link to view additional pictures of her work.