Sista Afia Almost Beat The Hell Out Of Freda Rhymz As They Clashes At TV3 – Video

it appears that the beef between singer Sista Afia and rapper Freda Rhymz has got so scary as they almost fight when the met at TV3 for an interview.

Sister Afia first dissed Freda Rhymz in her rap diss song and Freda also came for her.

Sista Afia once again dropped another one where she lashed out Freda and Freda Rhymz also dropped another one dubbed ‘Point Of Correction”.

it seems the diss track “Point Of Correction” of Freda Rhymz has gotten into Sista Afia as she first promised in a tweet to beat the hell out of Freda Rhymz when she meets her.

well, it has actually happened as Sista Afia tried to brutally beat Freda Rhymz when they both met at TV3 for an interview.

watch the video below;