“Your wife and Female children belong to the kitchen and bed room”- Efia Odo lashes out at Bulldog.

BullDog made headlines yesterday after a video of him saying on live radio that women cannot compare themselves to men went viral.

According to Bulldog, woman are only useful in the kitchen and bedroom.

“They should be for the kitchen and the bedroom…Women destroy stuff,they mess up everything.Women should be just for the kitchen and bedroom.I am saying this”

“They should go and cut my head or my wife can leave me if she wants to.Women are meant for the kitchen and bedroom,they shouldn’t be sitting around men discussing important things..” Bulldog said.

“Women have their own purpose,the mistake is they start comparing themselves to men.Women are good at adding glory” Bull Dog added.

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Reacting to this; Efia Odo told Bulldog that it is his wife and female children that belongs to the kitchen and bedroom not other Ghanaian women.

“Next time he should say his woman and female children.More parents especially fathers should enforce independency unto their children.Women are aspiring to be more than chefs and babysitters”

See screenshot below:

"Your wife and Female children belong to the kitchen and bed room"- Efia Odo lashes out at Bulldog. 1