Your Boyfriend Will Never Allow You To Cook For His Friends If He Respects You – lady Claims In New Video

A beautiful young lady from Nigeria has advised women to stop cooking meals for their boyfriends’ friends, sounding like a feminist of sorts.

In her opinion, a man who truly loves and adores his woman will not allow her to cook for his friends who visit frequently.

She observed that some men have a habit of coming home with their friends to have fun, and as a result, they expect their wives to make them feel at home by cooking for them.

Furthermore, she urged women not to be swayed by comments from their husband’s friends referring to them as “our wife,” and instead to cook and serve them in order to appear as “wife material” in their books.

In a nutshell, she advised men to abandon the unhealthy practice of forcing women to cook all the time for their friends and family members in order to justify their suitability for marriage.