Young man living in Osu Cemetery for more than 15 years speaks about his encounter with Ghosts (video) 1

Young man living in Osu Cemetery for more than 15 years speaks about his encounter with Ghosts (video)

Now it seems that after a few people turned up in interviews to reveal their knowledge of living in cemeteries through the years, there is nothing unusual and weird about getting a livelihood in a cemetery in Ghana.

Most people who have not lived life there may look strange and frightening, but some less fortunate and homeless people who have little choice and resources of renting a house have acquired the confidence to live and sleep at the Cemetery and it becomes common for them in no time.

In this regard, in an interview on SU TV, an emerging artist who has been known as Samuel Akwesi Bossco aka Akwasi B GH appeared to share his knowledge of living a life and working for more than 15 years at the Osu Cemetery.

Young man living in Osu Cemetery for more than 15 years speaks about his encounter with Ghosts (video) 2

According to Samuel Akwesi Bossco, when he was 12 years old, he relocated to Osu Cemetery after one of his friends referred him to join him in cemetery work with several other grown-ups.

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“I was the most youngest when I started working and sleeping at the cemetery way back in 2000, I didn’t take it easy from the start, I was very scared based on the myth that there are Ghosts in cemetery, I could hardly step on someone’s tomb but fast forward after some few moment I got used to the life here”

“I have passion for music and have recorded over 52 songs (51 Hip Life and 1 Gospel), aside working and sleeping at the cemetery, I go to perform at shows which I don’t get paid sometimes”

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Speaking on his encounter of meeting an alleged Ghost; “I was cleaning a graveyard sometime and an anonymous and furious man from nowhere approached me to stop cleaning the grave or else he will take my clothings which was on the floor, so as he tried to take them, I quickly took them and stopped working on the grave, and ran away, I realized the grave I was cleaning was the man’s grave after I came back and saw the same image of the man on the grave but he was no where to be found, from what I’ve been seeing, I have no doubts that Ghosts exists”

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“I live together with my girlfriend here at the Osu Cemetery, and life has been normal because I earn enough to get my daily meal so life here has been normal for us” He added.



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