“you have more money and cars; just allow them to win”- Kalybos tells Jackie Appiah

All of the celebs that attended UTV Day with the Stars did a fantastic job entertaining the audience.

The Pick or Act competition included six groups. Only three groups advanced from the first round.

As a result of this, Jackie Appiah’s group was tied with Salinko’s wife’s group in the early stages.

Kalybos, the show’s host, provided some levity to the proceedings, especially when the competition was strong.

“Jackie, please you have several automobiles and your light bill is even higher than 5,000ghs,” Kalybos advised Jackie Appiah.

Please let Salinko’s wife win since you have more money”.

Jackie Appiah, defiant of Kalybos’ advice, won first place.

Jackie Appiah and Counsellor Lutterodt were in the first group. In another group, Salinko and Sandra Ababio came third. This year’s “choose and act” had a great touch. The host was amusing.

Dr. Fadda Dickson, however, awarded the top place 2,000ghs and the second and third places 1000ghs apiece.

Salinko and Sandra did not expect to win, but the organizers recognized their efforts. It was also Dr. Fadda Dickson’s birthday.

The moral of the hoax is to keep going even when others are discouraged. There is always a way out.

No surprise Jackie Appiah and Counsellor Lutterodt triumphed despite the host’s amusing remarks.

Congratulations to all of the night’s winners!

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