“You claim to be rich but you can’t pay your kids school fees”- Kwaw Kesse blast Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, a famous musician, has been in the news lately because he hasn’t paid his son’s school fees. Another musician, Kwaw Kese, has made fun of him for this.

Shatta Wale’s ex-girlfriend, Michy, got angry with another musician named Medikal because she thought he paid for Shatta Wale’s son’s school fees. But it turns out that she misunderstood what Medikal said. Shatta Wale hasn’t paid his son’s school fees, and that’s why Michy is upset.

Kwaw Kese thinks that Shatta Wale is not as rich as he seems. He believes that if someone is really wealthy, they should be able to pay for their children’s education. He called Shatta Wale a “social media billionaire,” which means that he only looks rich on social media but doesn’t have real money.

It’s important to pay for your children’s education if you can afford it. Shatta Wale’s situation shows that even famous people can have money problems. It’s not good to make fun of someone for not being able to pay for their child’s education.