Yolo actress Christabel Amoabing speaks for the first time after suffering from a broken heart

Christabel Amoabing is well known for the role she played in the popular yolo series where she was called Lydia.

Some few days ago, she posted a video in which she was crying and narrated how she found out that the guy she loves and is dating already had a serious girlfriend.

It appears she has moved on from the broken heart she got as her new post suggests she is doing well for herself now.

“If you stay determined, the obstacles cannot stop your progress.you will triumph over every mountain ‘’ Laila Gifty Akita’’’

The joy on my face says it all. In life, sometimes certain things happen to open your mind and make you aware of certain things. Though I’m not your blood sister, You all have shown me love beyond my imagination.your messages, calls have proven to me that in life there’s always a friend or someone who sticks closer than a brother or sister.

And I believe strongly that your messages and comments went a long way to help others who were also facing similar issue.i took the decision to let go. I know you all are anxious to see who the guy is but trust me there’s no need.

The most important thing is I’m ok. Thank you for the love 💗 showed .and may God in his own riches bless each and every one of you and let’s keep supporting me.” see wrote.

see a screenshot of her post below.

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