YOLO actress Christabel Amoabing blast another actress for threatening to k!ll her for dating her boyfriend (video)

Christabel Amoabing of YOLO fame has sent a warning to a fellow actress who has threatened to sue her over a guy they both dated.

According to the stunning YOLO star, she was dating this man before she discovered he was dating another actress, prompting her to end the relationship.

Christabel says the other unidentified actress thinks they are both sharing the guy and has been harassing her using newly formed fake social media pages, according to a live video viewed by buzzgh.

However, after Christabel discovered that he was dating another actress, she dumped him, claiming that he had left her “broken-hearted.”

After an experience that left her in tears and forcing her to do a live video, she requested help from her fans and family.

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According to her, she took several people’s advice and ended the relationship.

“I am over it, I’m cool, I’m in my space. I am living my life, I am enjoying my space” She stated in the new video.

The Yolo star, on the other hand, said that a mysterious number had been sending her messages for over a week, slipping into her DM with threats – some of which threatened to kill her over the same guy she had broken up with.

Despite the fact that she claims she no longer has his phone number and is not in contact with him, the actress is after him because he is still cheating with other girls.

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