England Footballer, Jack Grealish promotes Yaw Togs Song ‘sore remix’

Yaw Tog’s Sore song is being promoted by famous English footballer Jack Grealish, which is a fantastic move.

Jack Peter Grealish is an English professional footballer who currently plays as a winger for Premier League side Aston Villa. He is now a member of England’s national team.

Grealish has thrown his weight behind Yaw Tog, a fast-rising young Ghanaian artist best known for his debut single “sore,” on which he collaborated with Kwesi Arthur and Stormy on a remix.

Highlights from Grealish’s games were seen in a video on the footballer’s Instagram website, with the remix of Yaw Tog’s song “Sore” playing in the background.

Many Ghanaians have hailed the composer’s decision as a brilliant one, with a song by an up-and-coming young musician making waves both within and outside the world.