“Women now do blood money more than men”- Ajagurajah

Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, also known as Ajagurajah, has made a cautionary statement on some ladies.

During an interview on Kingdom Plus FM, he revealed that there are now a lot of ladies interested in blood money.

The leader of the Ajagurajah Movement claims that these ladies go to several African nations in pursuit of blood money and powerful spirits.

“A chunk of women is into blood money. When a lady visits you and you attend nature’s call, flash the tissue you used; don’t put it in a dustbin. The ladies are now heading to Senegal, Cameroon and Burkina Faso for commanding spirits and blood money. Now, a small girl can order an elderly person around.

“Be careful of ladies with tattoos on the right part of their necks. If the inscription is in Chinese, Arabic or something you’re unable to recognize, be very careful about the lady. The ladies are now bathing in rivers in Cameroon,” he revealed.

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“80% of human beings have resorted to blood money knowingly or unknowingly…Any money you acquired by consulting a spirit, that’s blood money. Your mindset about blood money is that there should be a snake vomiting money but that’s not the case.

“You’ve been to a pastor and told him about how bad business is, he gives you stuff to bathe with and now, business is booming; that’s blood money. Blood money could come from God; it could come from Satan. So, there is no fraud boy in Ghana; there is nothing called fraud boy,” he stated.