Woman Reveals How Catching Her Mother In Bed With Another Man Ruined Her Childhood

During a conversation with Brekete Family Radio, a Nigerian woman bravely shared about a traumatic experience she had been carrying for years. She disclosed that at the young age of six, she walked in on her partner being unfaithful and has been haunted by the memory since. With great detail, the woman described the distressing event and how it has affected her life.

“My mother is actually an unfaithful wife. I caught him sleeping with another man, and she kept us on the floor with my younger brother.”

According to the woman, the actions taken towards a child during their upbringing can have a lasting impact on the course of their life.

“ Whatever happens to a child that is bad, she never forgets. But it is possible that if it is a good thing, she may forget.“

The woman’s confident and direct manner of speaking suggests that her account may be based on actual events. When queried by the presenter about the lighting, she stated that the main light was off, but the bedside light was switched on.

“The bedside light was on. My younger brother was sleeping beside me on the floor; I could still remember.”