Woman files for divorce because her husband has a huge manhood

Lucy Njeri, a Kenyan citizen, has been charged with deliberately pouring acid on her husband and divorcing him because he has a huge manhood.

Lucy alleged that she was in excruciating discomfort while she had sex with her husband because of the height of his manhood, according to the testimony presented in court by the defendant.

She said that when she became tired, she packed her belongings and fled his house, telling him that she would not return. However, the man went to her house to check on her, despite her repeated warnings that she would not return.

Her husband, Geoffrey Nyebere, went to her house about 10 p.m. on January 16th, 2021, on the day she poured acid on her former boyfriend, and started banging on the woman’s door.

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The woman appeared out of nowhere after knocking several times and spilled the acid on her husband, who is now undergoing treatment.