Woman Dresses Prettier Than Bride At Ex-Husband’s Wedding

A bride was left with no other option but to eject a woman who also appeared at the wedding in a gorgeous, flowing wedding gown.

According to reports, the woman in question was the groom’s ex-girlfriend who chose to create a scene at his wedding.

Even after the bride asked her to leave, the woman remained and made it clear that she had no intentions of getting back her ex.

The groom’s ex-lover, who went by the Reddit handle u/closureseekingex and was giving an account of the incident on social media, claimed she wore an outfit that was finer than the bride’s.

According to Metro, Stephanie, the bride, was aware that her husband’s ex had been invited by her ex-husband following their amicable divorce.

Stephanie then told her to leave the wedding venue, claiming that her dress stole the show.

u/closureseekingex said, “My ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law helped her calm down, and the wedding started right away.”

The ex-wife said that she thought things had calmed down, but the bride told her in private that she was trying to ruin her big day.

She told me:

“She thought I wanted to show off at the wedding and talk about my divorce to get attention. She said that I should have left when the bride asked me to because it was her special day. I told her that I wasn’t to blame for her worries, and I told her again that I didn’t want her to steal my ex back.

Woman Dresses Prettier Than Bride At Ex-Husband's Wedding 1