‘Wizkid chopped Moesha on Her Birthday’ – (video)

We previously mentioned that Ghanaian actress Moesha and Wizkid were seen in town having fun, and it appears that Moesha’s birthday celebrations are still underway.

Well, netizens have seen the video as well, and their responses have been mixed, with some speculating about what could have transpired between the two stars.
Wizkid reportedly performed at Moesha’s latest birthday party, and it’s clear the highly endowed slay queen is fine with him. Some viewers thought the two were lovers because of their pose in the video, which was all loved up.

Although some speculate that they are lovers, others say that Wizkid chopped Moesha because he is a bad guy.


'Wizkid chopped Moesha on Her Birthday' - (video) 1