“wives should not attack side chic but rather confront their husbands”- Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku has disclosed that she is tired of side chics been blamed for cheating.

According to her, she sees no sense in a woman fighting a side chic.

She revealed that the anger should rather be channeled to the married man not the girl she is cheating with.

“Why is the attack always on ”side chicks” but not the men who go for them…. I desperately need answers! Everyday side chick that, side chick this …. We’re tired! Can we have a more productive convo? Ok, what about your lying husband who took a vow before God and men that he would love and honor only you.”

“Why won’t you attack him instead? You can’t confront someone you’ve spent days and nights with for years but you are ready to abuse, confront and even fight someone you’ve not met, I guess women are the fair game abi ? Fyi, the “side chicks” are not only women these days….. (????) I need to delete myself from certain groups to keep my sanity this “tweny tweny” she said