Why Are You Too Shy To Buy A Condom? – Nana Aba Asks – See Reactions

Popular Ghanaian journalist and Manchester United supporter Nana Aba Anamoah tweeted a request to her followers: “Tell me why you are shy to get a condom at the pharmacy.”

We live in a world where pharmacists view young people who come in to buy condoms and other contraceptives as horrible people, forgetting that they are actually doing themselves a favor by protecting themselves from STDs and unintended pregnancy.

Many young people now feel guilty about going to the drugstore to buy contraceptives as a result of pharmacists’ attitudes.

However, have a look at the comments from a few of Nana Aba Anamoah’s Twitter fans below:

@ThegideonDebrah A friend of my big sister once said that she went to buy a condom in 2017 at a pharmacy somewhere and the pharmacist was their church usher. Unfortunately, she said what she wanted before noticing it was her usher

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@thekobinasam Those who are shy.. when u are buying condoms just mention the brand.. dont say u are buying ” condom”.. just say “give me a pack of fiesta.. or kiss.. or rough rider” and remove your eyes

@playberry1 Cause the pharmacist would have bad perception about us !

Below is her phost;