Wanlov Kubolor throws shots at Fella Makafui saying she wants to be like Sister Derby.

Wanlov the Kubolor has landed some fresh punches in defense of his sister, as she jabbed fella Makafui calling her a copy cat and doing everything that sister Derby does.

According to wanlov, Fella have been copying everything that Derby does and even copied her boyfriend by snatching medikal from her.

He also disclosed that Medikal is a womanizer because every musician sings about what they love and medikal have been singing about women and As$es for as long as he has been in the industry.

“All I can see is That…this lady is some Clown…. she copies every move of my sister and even copied her boyfriend by snatching him… I’m not saying…she can’t take her as a mentor.. but the way she copies her is disgusting”…… one love kuborlor on Fella Makafui.

watch the video below.