Video of MzVee running for her life after witnessing a magic trick stirs online

Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, also known as MzVee, has made social media users laugh after a video of her being spooked by a card magician surfaced.

The popular Ghanaian singer was taken aback when a young man known as Benard the Magician, a master of card tricks, demonstrated his card skills to her.

MzVee was initially confident that the magician’s antics would not deceive her, but she eventually became entangled in his web of victims.

First, he instructed the singer to choose a card and conceal it, which she did. He then placed the card she chose in a large deck of cards he was holding without looking at the face of the card.

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He shuffled the cards and told her he would choose the exact card she had chosen from the stack. He chose a card from the deck and showed it to MzVee, claiming it was the card she chose.

She refused his election, claiming it was not the one she had chosen. The magician then instructed her to swipe the screen of a phone he was holding, and lo and behold, the card she had chosen initially appeared on the device’s screen.

MzVee was so shocked that she fled in terror, screaming God’s name. People were laughing hysterically as they watched the video.

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