Video of how Nana Agradaa fakely performs 'Sika Gari' surfaces - Watch 1

Video of how Nana Agradaa fakely performs ‘Sika Gari’ surfaces – Watch

  • A video of Nana Agradaa performing her’sika gari’ practice has surfaced online.
  • The well-known priestess was seen attending to someone while sitting in what seemed to be her temple.
  • The man who came to see her with GHC1,000 left with a bag full of cash, according to the video.
Video of how Nana Agradaa fakely performs 'Sika Gari' surfaces - Watch 2

On social media, a video of famous traditional priestess Nana Agradaa, born Patricia Aseidu, performing her sika gari ritual’ is circulating.

In a video obtained by, the priestess is seen sitting in what seems to be a chapel, tending to a man who has come to see her for assistance.

The man said that he had come to pursue better fortune and riches because his poverty had made him into a family rival.

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He said that he had brought GHC1,000 to the shrine and that Nana Agradaa had asked him to deposit it in a jar.

After that, Nana Agradaa asked her assistant for a large cup, which she set in front of her and covered with a cloth.

She then partially opened the cup and dumped what seemed to be powder into it before completely covering it again.

Agradaa then led the man through a series of incantations as her assistant rang a bell incessantly.

Agradaa uncovered the bowl in a flash, and it was brimmed to the brim with various cedi denominations.

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