Video: My wife left me with our 7 children after I lose my legs and hands – Man shares sad story

Marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and his partner, and it is said that marriage is for better or for worse. 

According to an interview with Afrimax Tv, the man is known as ‘Domio,’ and he recounted his story by claiming he was born like any other person.

It all began when he went out for a jog with a friend and his both legs and hand froze.

So he raced himself to the hospital, where doctors announced that there was nothing they can do for him and that the only option was to amputate his legs and hands. After some time, his wife abandoned him, leaving all seven of their children behind.

He did, however, meet a lovely and attractive lady who later took care of him and decided to marry him. Domio used to work as a security guard until his legs and hands were severed.

Domio has been living in this manner since he lost his legs and hands, and he claims that God has been assisting him all along. About the fact that things are not going right for him, he thanks God.

watch his video below;