VIDEO: ‘I Dont Need Kuami Eugene’s Feature anymore’ – Fotocopy Says In New Video

Young Ghanaian musician Fotocopy surprised everyone by stating that he no longer wants a feature from Lynx Entertainment star Kuami Eugene during an appearance on Michy’s entertainment review show on Wontumi TV.

This is in contrast to his previous public pronouncements, where he expressed his desire for a collaboration with the ‘Cryptocurrently’ hitmaker.

Kuami Eugene had initially declined the collaboration, which angered Fotocopy, who went on to say that he hated him in an interview.

However, Kuami Eugene explained that he had nothing against the young musician and that Fotocopy was too young to understand the impact of his words. In the end, Fotocopy’s father, Qwaachi, apologized to Kuami Eugene 

“If our words offended Bra Kuami, we beg that you forgive us and forget about what transpired. Let us live in peace…we have been brothers for a long time…I also want to render an apology to Bra Kuami, let’s live in harmony,”

Fotocopy, who had tears in his eyes at Okay FM studios, apologized to Kuami Eugene and asked for forgiveness.

Following Abeiku Santana’s instructions, the two artists embraced each other as a symbol of reconciliation. Kuami Eugene expressed his affection and encouragement for the young artist, assuring the public of his support.

“I have said earlier that whatever is going on, he is a kid. I don’t think he has a hand in it because even if the hate he mentioned came from him, I don’t think he understands it. He is just a child,” he said.

After considering everything that has happened, it seems odd to hear Fotocopy claim that he doesn’t require Kuami Eugene’s collaboration and that his apology on Okay FM was coerced.