“VGMA Organizers are fools”- Shatta wale

Shatta wale has started the onslaughts that got him a ban some years ago from the VGMA.

This time around, he revealed that the organizers of the show are fools.

This came after the CEO of charterhouse Madam Theresa Ayoade, disclosed in an interview that it was about time VGMA focus their attention or other Artist and forget the two Dancehall legends.

Can we go back to doing what we do best which is reporting about the industry and what’s happening in the industry?

 Let the positives shine through all the time, please, the stories shouldn’t always be on Stonebwoy and Shatta wale; there are other positive stuff happening, let’s put the spotlight on other musicians too.

Let’s also give those positive stories also that much attention.” she said.

This statement might have made shatta wale angry as he replied with these words

“The Board Members, all of you are poor people.  What I possess, none of you has, I can pay all of you every month,”  he lashed out.

“You don’t have anything. Most of them are disappointed musicians. You don’t know God.”

“You guys don’t think, You are fools.”