University students organizes sekz pool party as they chop themselves in public (watch video)

A video that purports to show a sexual event that took place in a hotel in Ifite Awka, Anambra State, and features people who are believed to be students, has been uploaded to the internet.

In the video, the purported students can be seen engaging in sexual activity in full view of everyone who has gathered around to observe.

People think that the hotel, which is close to the school, is where the filming of the scene where several male and female students passionately kiss each other took place.

Twitter user @itz_daddyjoe, who uploaded the video to the internet and shared it with others, wrote:

”It is very unfortunate that the school environment which most of us graduated from is turning into something else. I bet that’s why I couldn’t live in Ifite Awka during my University days. A sex party at Wintess Garden hotel Ifite Unizik is condemnable.

@AfamDeluxo bia Ka ifuru”

Watch the video below.