Two lesbians almost beaten to death after they were caught having sex

Two lesbians were almost killed in Niger Delta states of Nigeria by an angry mob that caught them having sex with each other.

Had not been the intervention of a good samaritan, things will have gotten worse as the two women were already stripped and beaten.

The person who saved them, took to social media to write about what happened and also questioned the same-sex law in Nigeria that seeks to jail anyone caught in the act for 25 years and another 7 years for anyone associated with it.

“As I was stepping out of my compound to get bread for breakfast this morning, I saw two girls, stark naked running towards me. Behind them were a group of young men and women with sticks, stones and machetes hotly pursuing these girls.

The force with which these girls grabbed me begging me to save them eh, where it not for the gate i would have somersaulted and crashed on the ground. The crowd on seeing me mellowed, and started chorusing ‘oga those girls na lesbians’. I tactfully dismissed the mob and promised to handle the issue.

I am with them in a pharmacy getting their wounds treated. There is a nagging question I want answers to as I watch these beautiful harmless girls:

Why are Africans vehemently opposed towards these kind of people and LGBTQ people in general? Is religion or culture the reason? What is wrong in loving a person of the same sex? Is it the greatest of evil? Is evil categorized? I need answers to these questions in order to know what decision to make on these girls…” he wrote.