“Tracey Boakye’s husband is not attractive to me”- mzbel

In a recent interview, Mzbel stated that she does not believe Tracey Boakye’s spouse to be attractive in any way, adding that this is her opinion.

She claims that she is attracted to older men with white hair and that she has no interest in younger males with beards.

She only said all of that to highlight the fact that she and Tracey have nothing in common and are unable to even share a man.

She claims that she is unaware of the Papa no onliners talk about, and she also refuted the notion that it has anything to do with the previous President of Ghana, John Mahama.

While Mzbel would not admit to being in a love triangle with Tracey Boakye and Papa no, she did reveal that she did not attend the wedding of Tracey Boakye since she was not invited.

Watch the video that’s been provided;