“Those who managed me after i became famous only Exploited me”- Rashida Black Beauty laments

Rashida Black beauty became the talk of town after she became an internet sensation somewhere in 2016.

Rashida, in a viral video aimed at insulting her ex boyfriend ‘kushman’, said some words that Ghanaians found funny.

She was named the Malafaka queen and was quickly tagged with the name ‘celebrity’.

Rashida featured in interviews on big platforms like viasat, kofi Tv among others.

Right now her fame has vanished as quick as it came, especially due to the fact that her naked video was leaked in which flies were playing with her ‘property’.

In a recent interview, Rashida has disclosed that, those who managed her when she became famous only exploited her and used her.

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She revealed that she did not even get a penny from all the hype she got.

watch the video below.