“Those who like asking for help do not help others when they need help”- Lydia Forson (video)

Actress Lydia forson has expressed her anger and dissatisfaction at people who like asking for help.

According to her, these same people do not like helping others when the tide turn.

She said these in a video she posted via IG.

watch the video below.

she wrote.

All jokes aside- too many people ask for help they’re unwilling to offer when the roles are reversed.

They want support from friends, family and strangers like it’s something they’re entitled to- and when you can’t help you’re the enemy. 
Yet even with what they have they’re unwilling to help the next person who has less than them. 
Everyone needs help, your suffering isn’t more than the next person; we’re all just getting by. 
So give the same support ( doesn’t have to be financial) that you require of others.

Also- don’t take people’s help for granted.