‘This is true Love’: Man Forgives Wife Who Cheated and Pinned Another Man’s Child on Him

A Nigerian man has been chastised online for forgiving his wife after she cheated on him and fathered another man’s child. The married woman got a lover for herself after her husband left town, according to Adunni Onigege, who shared the story on Facebook.

She later became pregnant for him but decided to blame the pregnancy on her husband, who was completely unaware. She continued her affair with her lover while pregnant until she gave birth to a girl.

She invited her lover to the baby’s naming ceremony, and he contributed money, danced with them, and even gave the baby a name.

Years later, the young man was asked to return and claim his baby in order for things to go smoothly for him. Interestingly, after hearing the confession, the husband who had been cheated on forgave his wife and continued to live with her.

Mistura Abiola said:

“The woman is very lucky to have such a kind hearted husband, may God continue to strengthen their marriage.”

Opeyemi Meze wrote:

“You can’t seem to understand what love does until it happens to you. Very accurate.”

Olorunfemi Gbenle reacted:

“Men dey run am steady, if you know the number of men who hv caught their wives stepping out ehn, only difference is that men don’t make noise.”

Samuel D. commented:

“What’s the title of this movie?”

Adewole Ijao said:

“Adunni onigege Ara, no try this episode with me oooo. I dey jealous pass jealousy oooo.”