“They planned to put Akuapem Poloo in prison even before the case got to court”- Lawyer of Poloo speaks

During Akuapem poloo’s hearing, her counsel spoke to the press and shared discontent with the decision made by the judge.

Poloo, whose real name is Rosemond Brown, was found guilty after she pleaded guilty to allegations brought against her after a viral naked picture of her and her son went viral in June 2020.

Lawyer Andy Vortia claims there is something fishy going on in the courtroom and that the presiding judge planned Akuapem Poloo’s sentencing before the case had started.

He emphasized that since Akuapem Poloo was a first-time criminal who had pled guilty, the court should have treated her more leniently rather than treating her as a repeat offender.

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“Lady i know that she has written her judgement before the case began not after she heard our plea. She did not factor what i said into her judgement. She had premeditated it.”

“She did not say 3 month which means 3 weeks but she said 90 days that means my client will serve all those days to the later. I have written it down and i’ll factor it if i will go for an appeal” lawyer Andy Votia told Peace FM news.

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