‘There’s no need for nak3dness; just work harder and you’ll be famous’- Mcbrown to Musician Yaa Yaa

After Yaa Yaa ranting about how the industry sleeps on her talent, Nana Ama Mcbrown has urged her to work much harder to get noticed.

In an interview with Naa Ashorkor on Asaase FM, Mcbrown clarified that Yaa Yaa wanted to keep working hard in order to get the big break she deserved.

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According to the host of the United Showbiz program, the introduction of social media has altered the narrative, and today’s musicians need more than just their creativity to be noticed.

Yaa Yaa premieres graceful visuals for emotive record 'Mmusuo' | TMGHLive

”There was nothing like social media during my time. There were no such sites. As a result, our creativity was summoned to compete. People began to notice us because of our abilities. It would be difficult to thrive solely on your ability in Yaa Yaa’s era,” Nana Ama said.

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While erupting with only one’s talent and no controversy will take a long time, it helps to create a strong brand, according to Mcbrown.

Yaa Yaa, on the other hand, should strike a balance between maintaining a “clean” image and doing what it takes to excel in show business, according to the iconic actress.

Yaa Yaa, in Nana Ama’s view, should be willing to sacrifice her conventional ideals in order to succeed as an artist.