“There is no spirituality in all night services, I have stopped my church members from doing it”-Reverend Lawrence Tetteh

Reverend Lawrence Tetteh, who founded and currently serves as president of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, is quoted as saying that church services that last all night are not spiritual.

On the edition of the GBC Breakfast Show that aired on August 24, 2022, the famous preacher stated that the beginning of all-night services in Ghana was a result of the lack of proper worship space during the early days of the charismatic movement. He made this statement throughout the broadcast.

“You will be surprised a lot of people don’t understand why we do all night here today. All night has no spirituality. The reason why all night started was, that in the early days of charismatism, Dr Mensah Otabil was using Baden Powel Hall.

“They rented it. Isaac Quaye was using Social Advance Hall. Almost everybody, including Action, they were renting halls and things. You don’t have a place to have a space to be able to do a church service.

“The only place you can do it is a school church building after they have closed, and it is only during Friday nights that you have availability. If you are fortunate to have a Methodist church, Presbyterian Church or Anglican church to use, the only time you can use it is in the Friday evenings, and that is how all nights began,” he explained.

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He explained that sadly, the concept of all-nighters has been distorted as having a spiritual significance behind it, and that this is terrible.

“People think that all night is spirituality. In fact, the witches in the day are more dangerous than the witches at night. So today, you realise that a lot of people are into it. And I am not killing your spiritism, but sometimes it is just a religious thing people do, and they think it is only in the all-night…

“Trust me, I have stopped all night because when you go to the all night, in the morning, I cannot go to the weddings, I cannot go to a funeral.

“And you will be surprised, you are sitting in your clerical collar, and you are dozing, and people are noticing you because you look irresponsible. Because you’ve come from an all night and Saturday is the day that you do all these things,” he said.

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Reverend Tetteh argued that there has to be a paradigm shift regarding all-night services for Christians. According to him, such services are especially cumbersome and disruptive when they are hosted in close proximity to residential areas.

“So there are a lot of things that we need the mindset to change so that we understand the reason why we do certain things. So today, if truly you have your own church building, then nothing prevents you from having a late evening programme, close late at least and go home instead,” he said.

The fact of the matter is that Ghana’s charismatic space relies heavily on round-the-clock service. However, over the years, churchgoers and others who live in close proximity to church buildings have voiced their displeasure that these types of events cause a disturbance in their neighborhood.