"There is no point in trying to impress anyone, learn to save and invest"- Charlotte Osei advises Ghanaian Youth 1

“There is no point in trying to impress anyone, learn to save and invest”- Charlotte Osei advises Ghanaian Youth

In a video that is fast going viral, the former chair of the Ghana Electoral Commission, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, described her regrets for not collecting assets as she advises young people not to strive for liabilities,  Unless they add values, so they do not depreciate values, Mrs. Charlotte Osei identified iPhones, motorcycles, clothing, shoes as liabilities.

Mrs. Charlotte Osei expressed her regrets in some stuff she purchased while growing, when she stated that if she had placed such money into land, savings, and investing in money-making enterprises, she would have been unbelievably wealthy.

She proposed that one might come together with suitable friends to put their money together and invest in something that would earn them cash.

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Mrs. Charlotte Osei encouraged younger individuals to take investing guidance through reading online books, meeting people in those areas, and added that anywhere there is still some kind of investment plan and one can come together with family members to bring resources into anything that doubles their earnings.

There’s no sense in seeking to please someone, Richard Branson, who owned Virgin, at the height of Virgin airlines, was flying economy, if he should ride economy, what are you showing off for? “, asked Mrs Charlotte Osei.

Mrs. Charlotte Osei, in a nutshell, encouraged younger people to learn to conserve, learn to manage prices, get financial tips by reading books, and finally learn to give back regardless of the sum you receive.

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