“There is no man in the room stop pretending”- Netizens blast Jackie Appiah after she posted a video of herself playing with her bae (video)

Following the publication of a video that she uploaded not long ago, Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah is currently the target of trolling.

Jackie made the terrible decision to have a little bit of fun, and as a result, she has been found out for lying about having a man in her room.


In a video that Jackie Appiah uploaded to YouTube, she can be seen playing a game with her boyfriend, but he stays in the background the entire time.

When the actor needed to pronounce “bae,” she just kept pointing to the same spot in the room.


Jackie Appiah was participating in a game in which she was required to answer certain relationship questions on who “did what first.”

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However, people of social media platforms have begun mocking Jackie Appiah mercilessly for the lie that she said about her partner after the video was published.


They claim that Jackie Appiah is participating in the game herself, but that she is just pretending that she is there with her boyfriend.

The fact that she is being compared to her other actresses who are lonely and are still looking for Mr. Right is what makes the teasing and savaging particularly cruel.


Jackie Appiah was obviously going to have a relaxing day, but the people using social media are making it difficult for her to enjoy her day.

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Watch the video that’s been provided;