“There are some men who target Plus size girls to chop and dump them”- PM discloses

current winner of Di Asa, Precious Mensah, popularly known as PM, has disclosed in an interview with Yen TV that some men have targeted plus size women in the country.

According to her, these men have the aim of chopping and dumping these ladies.

PM revealed that, most of the men are Ghanaians living abroad.

she added that the plus size women in Ghana are interconnected and anytime they meet, they talk about their private life.

In most cases, when one comes up with the guy she is dating, a cross-check will show the same guy has hit on 3 or 4 of her other plus-size friends.

“There is this guy who lives abroad. He has proposed to a lot of plus-size girls in Ghana but what they don’t know it that we the plus-size people, we are networked. Usually when we meet we talk,” PM disclosed.

She advised those men to get one woman and stay with her, else they will start exposing them for their bad behavior.

“There are other womanizers abroad who will propose to about 3 plus size ladies and when they come to Ghana, they meet this person and this hotel and move to another to meet the next and then the next.”

“Before you know it, he would have slept with all four of you. If care is not taken, once these ladies find out they are all dating and sleeping with one person, sometimes they turn to fight.”

“But we are networked even online we are about to identify and expose such men. They should learn to stick to one plus-size woman and stop dating 3 friends at the same time,” she noted