“The cobra chair is for me, not obofour”- Businessman reveals

Rev. Isaac Obofour received criticism earlier this year after a video showing him lounging on a gold-plated throne with cobra-like features appeared online.

The chair, which was said to be in his home, had the head of a huge, terrifying-appearing serpent with its mouth open, ready to strike at its prey.

After seeing the viral video, many online users began to wonder why the Man of God would decide to buy such a seat or even take pictures with it.

Others claimed that because snakes are connected to demons and bad things, putting them as ornamental items in one’s home reveals his involvement with the occult.

While Rev. Obofour has since kept quiet, his silence has allowed some leeway for the confirmation of such charges.

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But rumors that Rev. Isaac Obofour possesses a “cobra-inspired” throne have been refuted by Ghanaian business magnate Dr. Samuel Twumasi, who is based in the United States.

Dr. Twumasi said that he, not the founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel, is the rightful owner of the “cobra-inspired throne” that has become famous.

"The cobra chair is for me, not obofour"- Businessman reveals 1

“That was my palace and Rev. Obofour only paid a harmless visit. When he came, he was properly welcomed. He only took pictures with the seat in my palace. The Cobra is my customized chair, and barely will you see anyone with it. It’s not even on the market,” he said in an interview with Daily View GH.

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“Those were just photos. Even foreigners from different countries usually throng my palace for excursions. We teach them about the Ghanaian culture, its history and all.”

Rev. Obofour has not yet responded to the outrageous allegations that he is an occult pastor.