Teacher who was part of the Kintampo waterfall’s accident 4 years ago needs $90,000 for surgery

Last Friday, March 19, 2021, marked four years after 28 people were killed and others were injured when a massive tree fell on students during a storm at the Kintampo Waterfalls in the Bono East Region.

According to reports, 22 people were dragged under the strong tree branches and sustained serious injuries, including students and a teacher from the Wenchi Methodist Senior High School (SHS), who is now bedridden.

According to confirmed sources, 14 students from Wenchi Methodist Senior High School died in the unfortunate event, which many blamed on the gods’ wrath in the Kintampo municipality.

Mr Daniel Alubadek, a Geography teacher in poor condition who is now bedridden and fighting for his life, needs $ 91,571 to undergo emergency neurosurgery in the United States in order to walk again.

According to medical records collected by buzzgh.com from a hospital in Clearwater, Florida, he is a candidate for autologous adipose stem cell therapy for his paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury.

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The teacher would have to go through ten sessions in order to recover.

“The first treatment costs $ 11,741, and each new injection, which can be done every two months, costs $ 8,870. As requested, we can do 10 injections every two months for two years, for a total of ten injections, for a total cost of $ 91571.

Teacher who was part of the Kintampo waterfall's accident 4 years ago needs $90,000 for surgery 1

Part of the paper reads, “He will be allowed to return home within 48 hours of the surgery.”

“There hasn’t been any significant change since the tragic incident,” Mr. Daniel Alubadek said in an interview. There is an agreement with the government for some minor assistance. Initially, the former headmaster attempted to get me some medication. On one of her visits to the school, the Minister for Tourism and Culture was reminded of my condition. She vowed to communicate with officials to ensure that I get the best possible care,” he said.

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The bedridden teacher requested assistance from the government through the Chief of Staff in order to reclaim his life, as a Florida health center is willing to help him.