Takoradi kidnapping: suspect cries he was forced by the police to confirm he was part 1

Takoradi kidnapping: suspect cries he was forced by the police to confirm he was part

One of the suspects arrested to be involved in the kidnapping of the young ladies in Takoradi,  John Orji has come out to say he is innocent after once admitting his charges. Orji was arrested in Aflao as a witness and accomplice to the main suspect, Sam Udoetuk Wills

According to John Orji when he appeared before the Takoradi Market Circle Magistrate court on Thursday, he was tortured by the police to the point that made him admit he was among. He named tools like electric shockers, sticks, wires, and pliers as instruments of the torture.

he also revealed that Sam Wills (The main suspect) had once cleared his name of the charges but the investigators refused and still continued with the torture.

“I’m a salesman that sells Tobacco in Nigeria. I was lured through a social media friend who hacked my account to get me arrested in connection with the mentioned suspected witness John,” said John Orji. “By debating and struggling with the Police upon my arrest, they told me three Ghanaian girls have been missing, which I replied: I know nothing about,” 

“They asked if I know any Samuel, who has been arrested, but I said no. I was asked to comport myself, for I was being taken to Ghana but would be returned after the investigation if found not guilty. After arriving in Ghana, the suspect Sam Wills was brought for identification to check if I knew him.  I said I know his face but nothing about his activities or his family.”

“Upon further interrogation, they started torturing me with electric shockers, sticks, wires, pliers. They pierced my skin severely and handcuffed my hand and legs for several days all to persuade me to say yes to what I know nothing about. When Sam Wills was asked if I was the John he mentioned, he said no, I’m not, but the Police insisted Sam mentioned me as John. I’m totally traumatized for 366 days, though the suspect didn’t mention me as the John.”

Meanwhile, the father of Priscilla Bentum, one of the victims, who sat through the proceedings claimed that the suspects should face the death penalty if found guilty.

“What I can say is that the case is taking long. It would be two years in the coming August. Right from the beginning, the charge has been kidnapping. Have they now realized that it is a murder case? It’s back and forth so all I will say is that, it is all in their hands and they can do whatever they like. If the Police are now saying it is murder and then they should also be killed when found guilty.”

The two suspects are to reappear in court on July 14, 2020.

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