Sugar Daddy arrests Side chick who refused to send back his ¢14,886 he mistakenly sent instead of ¢1,488

ladies of today hates hard work, all they know is getting money in a simple way.

News reaching us is that A sugar Daddy has finally arrested a Side chick who refused to sent back his GH14,886 he mistakenly sent to her instead of GH1,488.

Narrating the story from the social media user who shared the news,

his cousin who is a doctor in the USA arrived in Nigeria for the holidays and he hooked up with a Naija girl online.

After a couple of dates, she requested 100,000 Naira (GH¢1,567) to take care of some needs which he gladly gave her.

A few days later, she requested another 96,000 Naira (GH¢1,488) to buy a weavon. But the rich doctor mistakenly sent 950,000 Naira (GH¢14,886) to the lady’s account instead of the 96,000 Naira (GH¢1,488).

well, after realizing his mistake, the Doctor tried explaining to the lady in other to get back his 96,000 Naira (GH¢1,488) but the lady ignored him and blocked him on all her media platforms.

serious as the Doctor is he manages to track the lady and got her arrested, the lady told the police the man had sex with her so she thought its an extra money for her.

watch a video of her arrest below;