“Stopping school to do music is a big mistake no upcoming artist should make”- Adina

For the most part, we hear tales of artists who claim they are quitting school to do music, and they are successful now.

There is also a general idea believed by people that music is for those who are ‘block-headed’ .

Well, Adina, a sensational songstress, has stopped future performers who would like to leave school and concentrate on music.

They would struggle big time, according to her, if they attempt that.

Adina indicated that some degree of schooling is required when one wishes to write good music.

She also encouraged future singers to spend their energies in studying how to perform on stage, train their voices and others from YouTube, and engage in reality shows to ready them for the future.

“You need to take music seriously. Music is not for those who are blockheads at school. I went to school. I completed SHS and went to Central University, completed and then decided to do music. I did not enter music with the perception that if my education does not go well, I will enter into music. When I was young, I knew I will do music so the school was a formality. I knew I wanted to get a degree at the University so that it will help me in my career,” she said.

“When you go to school, you become enlightened, it opens your mind, even rappers who may ask what they will gain from going to school when you go, they will teach you literature, poetry and the rest. The rap that you are doing is poems, you have to rhyme, so let us take the music seriously just as a doctor will take his wok serious because it is a whole industry on its own. We have different aspects of it so wherever you will find yourself, take it seriously.” she stated.