“Stop the stigmatization towards Family of coronavirus patients in Ghana”- Obaapa christy advises Ghanaians.

Ghana has confirmed 52 cases of coronavirus and 2 deaths so far and the way the Ghanaian Public is handling the family of those who have tested positive is very bad.

She advised Ghanaians to stop how they are treating family members of the patients like aliens for fear of getting the virus.

“Yesterday, I was listening to Radio and a certain Ghanaian who studies abroad said he visited the hospital to check for COVID-19 since he had just returned from abroad. He went there on his own, a good citizen, he was told that he had the virus but it was not severe so it was treated but can you believe that his sister who sells food is no longer getting customers because people have stopped buying from her due to the stigma? Also, a lady who is a hairdresser and lives in his house, he has not even seen her since he returned to the country but anytime people are going to the lady’s salon, they’re stopped on the way and advised not to go to that salon else they’ll catch the virus”

She added that, “It’s time for Ghanaians to be matured about certain things, otherwise even if the person has the virus and he is willing to let people know, he would rather keep it to himself and infect others. When people are in crisis let’s not use it against them.”