“Stop chasing men with money and start chasing those with Brains”- Charlotte Oduro

Popular counselor Charlotte Oduro has advised women, particularly the young girls of today to wise up and start following men with brains to those with money.

According to her, women have for so long been linked to money and that men with money get the girls every time and it is about time that thing changed.

She disclosed that following a guy with brains is better than following someone who inherited his wealth and spends his time drinking and womanizing.

“Please women should stop going for ‘I want the one who has money, i want the one .. no no no..’ go for a guy who has got brains, he is strong not a lazy girl who will be smoking and drinking around and doesn’t know anything about God.

Someone who is just enjoying the father’s money and when the father dies, two years to come, the guy will have nothing. But, there are guys who are coming from a poor home but they’ve got brains, they are working, they are Christians, they are praying, they have a vision, they are dreaming and working it out. I’m telling you those guys help them.”