“Stop Been Selfish and yout branding Nonsense”- Shatta wale fires Sarkodie.

Shatta wale and sarkodie were once very close friends, but things got out of hand and now they can be considered as worst foes.

Just when we thought things are cool between them, shatta wale threw some shots the way of Sarkodie that might get him a second “Advice” song.

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Sarkodie was spotted in the studios of Red Bull yesterday and Shatta wale on seeing this activated his skin pain syndrome.

He posted some shots that was indirectly for Sarkodie.

His full post reads; “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” Ghana music industry has a problem so stop thinking about your selfish gains which won’t bring you good money by the way and let’s solve the main problems affecting us … “Stop that different your life , different my life thinking ‘
“Stop that different your brand , different my branding nonsense talks “
And let’s solve this problem once and for all !! Any artiste that says this industry is better for him simply because of winning awards is not just a pussy but A BIG FAT BUSHY PUSSY  “