“Sorry i was masturbat!ng, if you are a woman mention my name”- Afia Schwarzenegger blast Delay

Afia Schwarzenegger has reminded Deloris Frimpong Manso (also known as Delay) that she has all the time in the world to deal with her, despite the fact that she has recently taken up the habit of masturbating. This is a continuation of their decades-long dispute.

Afia went on to refer to her former employer as a “talentless” woman who lacked the “chest” to even address her by name when she was making disparaging comments about Afia.

She begged her to refrain from sitting on Twitter and making insinuations if she is aware that she will not be able to finish what she begins.

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She advised Delay to have children instead of engaging in activities related to trvilaiaties so that she could poke fun at Delay where it stung the most.

she captioned the video

“I was masturbating when I woke up. I hear the lady who has run out of talent has thrown some shades at me. Madam if you are a woman mention my name, don’t sit on twitter and brag. If you are a woman, mention my name. Nonsense use that energy to give birth”

watch the video below.