"Something must be wrong with a man if his wife cheats on him"- Marriage counsellor Giva Korsah 1

“Something must be wrong with a man if his wife cheats on him”- Marriage counsellor Giva Korsah

Giva Korsah, Corporate Partnership Consultant, has urged married men whose spouses have cheated on them to search to see if they have done wrong.

Speaking to Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’, she said that a married wife is very unlikely to cheat on her spouse unless there is an underlying cause, of course.

Therefore, if that occurs, the man must examine himself and fix the dilemma that prompted his wife to cheat on himself.


“For a married woman to cheat, then you need to go back to your books or back to your foundation and check because for a woman to go and cheat, it takes a whole lot. There are certain things that make a married woman cheat. It could be financial issues, the size of the man’s dick or unpleasurable and insufficient sex.

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Some men just can’t get it right. They do not know the right spots to hit to give a woman an orgasm and when that happens, you need to go back to your books. There’s a lot of work to do when it comes to pleasing a woman so you need to know your wife very well and have that connection of love to be able to build the sexual connection”, she said.



Giva promised that men should be assured that there is no chance his wife will try to cheat on him if a man analyzes himself and solves every potential problem, so she will have no excuse to.

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