Social media users praise Kwesi Arthur for deceiving and sleeping with Numerous ladies.

Kwesi Arthur is the man of the moment as his name keeps trending over allegations of some girls that he has been deceiving and chopping them.

According to some of the girls that have fallen victim to what he has been doing, kwesi always sweet talks you with his stardom into thinking you are in a relationship just to ger in between your legs.

He has also been taking money and credit from these girls.

In as much as people insulted him for these acts, others too are praising him, saying he is the man.

read some of the few comments below.

@CobbyTuesdae: “When Kwesi Arthur said “Why I feel like I dey lose my way Pray for me” then you people figa he dey joke er ?”

@Aladeen_xo: “Kwesi Arthur doing the lords work? Rightfully so”

@gyaigyimii: “Ah but Kwesi Arthur no do anything bad. He is just eating. Eating is normal. Everyone eats.”

@AZ_Bassit: “Kwesi Arthur ain’t married Never has he publicly said he’s in a relationship
You girls follow fame make dem eat you anyhow now you dey come play victim? Make we think”

@nii_Kela: “So you mofos as Kwesi Arthur be nice guy with fame, swag and all no what you dey expect? Tsw Diidadee @KwesiArthur_ snob what nipa go talk na the past isn’t the present?”

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@AugustHaysei: “All praise to kwesi Arthur you’re making the boys proud as Sammy come disgrace we ?”

@BKhalonji: “You know how many girls I chop By just telling them I went to school with Kwesi Arthur Make you niggas make the boy think By this time dem dey watch tweets dey laugh ? #KwesiArthur #Ground_up”

@IngLiv: “This kwesi Arthur ein issue then ano de want talk some buh …this girl paa what was she expecting???? Even we way we no get fame saf you know girls we de knack plus wanna fine boy things??na Kwesi Arthur he get fame, money way he sanna fine..”

@blackfranckie: “I dont really understand if one says he has used me and dump me like wtf?? as you guys dey sex no, didnt you enjoy? U no ride him some? kwesi Arthur force you for the sex? nanxix ???”

@Kwame93: “We guys never dey break the boys code oo kwesi arthur we dey your back…”