So sad! Kidi reveals he has a tattoo for his dead father on his body

Kidi has revealed the secret behind the strip tattoo he has on his body,

According to him, each tattoo represents a dead person in his family.

He said the 3 he has on his body now is for his dad and also his two grand mum’s.

Kidi revealed that he also has other tattoos in other parts of his body and they all represent something very important to him.

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“The last time I came here, I didn’t have tattoos. Every stripe stands for a dead member of my family, so, every band is for mourning, this is my dad’s because that’s the biggest one and my two grand mums [My mum’s mum and dad’s mum]

“I have one my chest, I have Zane, that’s my son’s name and then I have Sugar, the name of my first album. It’s now symbolic; now, it’s like no matter how much I grow, if I’m fifty, I’ll always remember that it was iconic at a time in my life…” he said in an interview with Accra based Class FM