“Slay queens behave like they work hard for their money but in reality, they sleep with big men”- Papi

5Five’s Papi revealed what slay queens do to survive.

He stated that they fake hard work but sleep around to make easy money.

Papi said they sleep with big men and later claim to work hard.

He was upset that they were putting pressure on Innocent girls.

“They lie to the fans a lot and make the youth go wrong. They will make it look like it’s hard work, but that’s a lie. Especially those big girls, those slay queens. They make it look like it is hard work, but it isn’t so. They are misleading the youth.

“They do stuff, causing our young girls to sleep with men for money. It is not so, teach them how to work hard. School doesn’t give money; it is hard work and opportunities, but they (big girls) will come and talk plenty…they are doing big men but they will come and lie about working hard,” Papi divulged in an interview on Hitz FM.

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These slay queens can’t explain their affluent social media lifestyles, he added.

“What better job do you do that fetches you the big money? Show us the way…things are going wrong among the youth and it is sad. What our younger girls now do for money is crazy.”