Slay Queen in trouble as a Military man flogs her with a belt in public – Video

A military man reportedly thrashed a young woman suspected of being a slay queen for allegedly indulging in lewd dressing.

Appiah Kubi of Angel FM announced the news in the afternoon news on Sunday, April 18, 2021. According to him, the slay queen, whose identity is yet to be revealed, was seen wandering about town wearing only a see-through dress and no panties.

According to him, the slay queen was almost half-naked as she walked through town. Her stance drew the attention of a military man who was stationed nearby to maintain stability.

He promptly called the slay queen to order and began mercilessly whipping her in public. The armed man’s actions drew the attention of desperate bystanders.

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The slay queen is seen sitting on the bare flow in a motion picture shown on Angel TV’s Facebook page, with the military guy standing nearby with what seems to be a belt in his hand. He presented her with an uncountable amount of canes.

Since Akuapim Poloo was jailed for a similar crime, the issue of young ladies showing nudity in public, especially on social media, has become a hot topic.

watch the video below;